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Are Tablets Dying?

BY MOMAN KHAN Tablets were originally created to fill the void between the smartphone and the laptop. As of now, it is impossible to tell if filling that void was even necessary; but now the industry has something that’s a little more personal than a laptop but also a […]

Beats X Review

BY MOMAN KHAN Beats just released a new pair of headphones, Beats X, which are now the cheapest wireless beats, even cheaper than Apple’s new AirPods.These new wireless headphones are designed for ease of use when working out and other activities that require freedom from wires. Beats X compares […]

YouTube Demonetization

BY CHEYENNE HENRY In these past few weeks some major stuff has gone down in the YouTube community. It started off with just a few YouTubers videos being demonetized, which means that creators do not earn any money, considering that ads are not allowed for their videos. This all […]

MacBook Pro Review

BY MOMAN KHAN Apple has just launched two MacBook Pro models, a 13 inch version 15 inch version.  Both of these MacBook Pros are compatible with a new feature called Touch Bar, This feature will make it easier to skip through Youtube or Netflix videos. Not just this it […]

IOS 10 Review

BY MOMAN KHAN WHAT IS IOS 10? Every year, Apple claims its iOS update is the biggest and best yet. With iOS 10, however, that claim actually rings true. This year’s tweaks to the iOS formula breathe new life into Apple’s own apps and make things ever so slightly […]