Student Speech in the Digital Age

BY MICHAEL FRANCO Last week the Supreme Court heard a case about Brandi Levy, a cheerleader at Pennsylvania’s Mahanoy Area High School. On a Saturday in May 2017, she posted on her snapchat story saying, “f— school, f— softball, f— cheer, f— everything,” posted along with a photo […]

The Return to Normalcy

BY CAMERON CAMMACK As we near the finale of the school year, students are anxiously waiting for that final bell to ring on the late May afternoon. This school year has been a challenge for everyone involved due to the circumstances we’re currently learning amongst. At Truman, all […]

2021 NFL Mock Draft

Guest Contributor: Hunter Donelson Back for my annual NFL Mock Draft. Before we dive in, I want to clarify a few guidelines of my draft-creating process:  I do not make these to be conventional, I like my selections to be different but realistic. You may see some picks […]

Spring Market Day (video)

Truman’s annual market day returns tomorrow. Students will have the opportunity to order food from a select group of outside places. The food selection and sales are put together by business students here at Truman. We caught up with a few market day participants to discuss their approach […]

Is Gun Law Reform On the Way?

BY MICHAEL FRANCO With the recent shootings that have happened over the past few weeks, President Joe Biden and his administration have said that they want to enact stricter gun laws. Biden has called on the Senate to ban assault weapons and close the holes in background checks. […]

Prom is Happening (video)

Truman High School has officially announced that there will in fact be a Senior Prom this year. It’s an event that up until recently didn’t seem likely to happen. However, changes in the county’s guidelines have created opportunity for the event. We talked with a couple seniors about […]

Vaccine Explainer

BY MICHAEL FRANCO Now that the COVID vaccine has started to become more available to the general public we’ve started seeing plenty of questions. Hopefully this story will give you an update on how things are going and answer some of the questions you might have. You still […]