Movie vs. Book: “Flipped”

BY KRISHAE FRANCO Flipped, written by Wendelin Van Draanen, is a story that I’m sure is less widely known than the previous books I’ve covered. The story focuses on two characters, Julianna Baker and Bryce Loski. The narrative begins the summer before second grade when Bryce moves into […]

NFL Mock Draft 2023

GUEST FEATURE: HUNTER SILVAN The 2023 NFL Draft is here and it’s the most intriguing draft we’ve seen in quite some time. Overall the talent is deep but it’s also shallow at the top. In a typical draft we see around 15-20 prospects that are worth considering day […]

Review: Hotel Transylvania

BY THOMAS WOOD In late September of 2012, Sony Pictures Animation debuted an animated cinematic universe dubbed Hotel Transylvania. Critics reviewed it poorly, believing the initial movie would be a flop. However, Hotel Transylvania ended up racking in almost six times its budget at the box office. The […]

NCAA Tournament History

BY SYDNEY SNELSON The NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament is underway, and this final week of games will finally show us who the best Division 1 team really is. Through the numerous polls and rankings, the many upsets that destroyed those polls and rankings, and players proving that […]

Movie vs. Book: Pride & Prejudice

BY KRISHAE FRANCO I think almost everyone has heard of the classic story “Pride and Prejudice”. The popular, well-known story has been adapted into not one, but at least seventeen different movies since 1938. I recently wrote about books and their movie adaptations, and the struggles that come […]

Bad Sequel to a Bad Movie

BY THOMAS WOOD In the later months of 1999, Disney produced a Disney Channel original film by the name of Horse Sense. It was received with complicated reviews, many viewers merely thinking it was a decent movie. Disney “capitalized” on this reception by making a sequel two years […]