Remembering 9/11

BY ALLIE PINICK My earliest memory of 9/11, was when I was in the fifth grade. All three of the fifth-grade teachers brought their students into one room. We watched a child-friendly video over 9/11 to get the students thinking about the event. After the video, the teachers told […]

Young Life Comes to Independence

BY RIAN CASWELL A club that has been around for decades in cities across the world just planted its roots in Independence. The activity happens outside of school, however, it brings together all Independence teens for one greater purpose: to grow in their faith while building relationships. September 17th […]

Review: Casting JonBenet

BY ALLIE PINICK In Boulder Colorado, the parents of JonBenét Ramsey woke up to find their child missing. It was the morning of December 26, 1996. Preparing for a trip, they found a ransom note saying someone had taken their daughter and the only way to get her back […]

The Problem With Lootboxes

BY KEV’VION MORGAN-MARTIN What are loot boxes? Loot boxes are what video game companies use to for their live service games. These games sole purpose is to keep people playing for as long as possible in hopes of earning the company more money through the payment of micro transactions. […]