Movie vs. Book: Pride & Prejudice

BY KRISHAE FRANCO I think almost everyone has heard of the classic story “Pride and Prejudice”. The popular, well-known story has been adapted into not one, but at least seventeen different movies since 1938. I recently wrote about books and their movie adaptations, and the struggles that come […]

Bad Sequel to a Bad Movie

BY THOMAS WOOD In the later months of 1999, Disney produced a Disney Channel original film by the name of Horse Sense. It was received with complicated reviews, many viewers merely thinking it was a decent movie. Disney “capitalized” on this reception by making a sequel two years […]

Should Schools Block Games?

BY ROSA PRESTON As I’m writing this, I’m going back and forth between this story and playing Sudoku. Yep, I’m playing Sudoku and working at the same time. That’s mainly because most other games are blocked. Even typing in the word “games” sends you to your favorite unblocked […]

Movie Review: Horse Sense

BY THOMAS WOOD Around the turn of the 21st century, Disney started producing a new sort of movie. They decided to branch away from their animated roots and make some original live-action films. Eventually, this venture would go on to produce classic films like Teen Beach Movie and […]

Model Student

BY KAYA DWYER Prototypical high school life’s best reference is found in a 60’s teen-true-crime with a dog, a group of meddling kids and a mystery van. One of the fan favorites being science nerd Velma Dinkley who is the perfect representation of a brilliant high school student […]

Review: Road to Eldorado

BY THOMAS WOOD Dreamworks is an animation studio primarily known for its 3D animation. Classic films such as the “Shrek” franchise, “How to Train Your Dragon”, and “Boss Baby” all use the usual Dreamworks animation style. However, around the turn of the twenty-first century, Dreamworks still produced many […]

Going Back to Space

BY BAY COLT Since the revolutionary days of Apollo 11 in the 1960s, space enthusiasts have had just one pressing question at the forefront for NASA: When will we do it again? For decades, the government agency has been promising more lunar missions to come—to no avail—but now, […]

Who is Santa Claus?

BY KRISHAE FRANCO We’ve all heard the stories of Santa Claus as little kids. About the elves and his workshop. About the naughty and nice list. About the reindeer and bags of presents. About the chimneys and stockings. About the milk and cookies. We’ve heard all the myths […]