Burton’s Wonder Goal

In game dominated by Truman, senior Charley Burton controlled the center of the pitch. And late in the second half she capped off the Patriot victory with an absolute screamer from 28 yards away. Interview with Burton about her goal and the start of the season:

THS Media Staff Brackets

Here are the brackets from the THS Media staff. Make sure to join our bracket challenge and see if you can top our selections! Joni Oswald – THS Media Editor-in-Chief   Gillian Cook – Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Kara Amos – Layout Editor Chloe Armstrong – Photo Editor Hunter Donelson […]

March Madness Bracket Tournament

  Each March, the population of America is fixated on one thing- basketball. Through the TV, ESPN app notifications, or even watching the game live, this final tournament that teams endure, in a way, become our own battle as well. We’re talking about brackets. This year, the Truman […]

Truman vs. Raytown Broadcast

Our first livestream sporting event. There were some technical difficulties and hiccups, and the announcer doesn’t really kick in well until the 41-minute mark. However, it was a tight game that saw Truman fall just short. You can see all of the action from that second half and […]

Running Through Life

By: HUNTER DONELSON I started running cross country in my eighth-grade year. I wasn’t very great to start out, but most people I spoke to said I looked like I was born with the natural ability to run. It took some time, but after a few weeks of […]

Strict Vs Laid Back Teachers

By: REGAN HENNING Students are our future. Without them and their brains, we won’t be able to succeed as an economy. To get their minds ready for the future, they rely mainly on teachers and the education to guide them. If teachers don’t do their job correctly, we’re […]