Examining Wildfires

BY ALLIE JO PINICK Imagine you’re at home with your family, and someone knocks on your front door. It is a fireman, informing you of the fire that is quickly approaching. He requests that you and your family find a place, other than your home, to stay tonight.  You […]

Thanksgiving Weather Forecast

BY NICOLE DAVIS   Monday: Mostly sunny, highs around 60, lows in the upper 30s. Tuesday: Clouds and scattered thunderstorms (50%) in the day, wind and cloud cover will pick up towards nightfall. Wind Gusts could be potentially dangerous/damaging, some expected to be over 40 mph. Highs in the […]

This Week’s Forecast

BY NICOLE DAVIS Tuesday: Clear sunny skies all day, temperatures will warm up to the 60s, lows remain in the low 40s. Wednesday: Chances of showers increase as the day goes on, an estimated quarter of an inch of rain and stronger wind expected. Highs in the mid 60s, […]

The Rise of Esports

BY KEV’VION MORGAN-MARTIN   Esports is finally becoming popular among colleges, so popular that more colleges are expanding on their gaming degrees. Just last year the University of Staffordshire launched its bachelor’s and master’s esports programs. The program basically teaches students marketing and management skills specifically for that industry.  Esports […]