Hassled Over Hairstyle

BY WALTER CANADY III Should your hair be the determining factor in whether or not you get a job? Of course we consider things such as personal maintenance, like body odors, maybe hair dye colors and maintaining dress codes. But the actual style of it? No, that is ridiculous, […]

Project Grad

BY PAOLA AMARO Truman high school would like to ensure that their beloved seniors have a wonderful and safe graduation night so they will be hosting, “Project Grad: The Final Goodbye” event on May 26th at the Blue Springs Fieldhouse. The students and their guests must arrive at Truman […]

Varsity Baseball starts the season well

BY HUNTER DONELSON Varsity baseball played St.Michael’s Thursday night and had their way with them from the beginning. The final score resulted in a 25-2 blowout win for the Patriots. With some long-ball hitting, Nick Wheeler, Josh Cruz, and Tanner Blau knocked back-to-back-to-back home runs early on in the […]

Opinion: Teaching History

BY WALTER CANADY III As we all know the month of February is dedicated to black history and the spread of the knowledge of African American history and yet again, another whole month goes by with little significance to the black history. Honestly I feel as if I have […]

Opinion: Marcus Peters Trade

BY CRAIG STEWART Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs have made some new changes to their defense and offense by trading Marcus Peters and Alex Smith. They moved Peters to the Los Angeles Rams and Smith to the Washington Redskins. Many people believe that getting a fourth round pick this […]

Monroe Earns All-State Honors

BY HUNTER DONELSON Deon Monroe earned Class 5 All-State honors after an amazing season with the Truman girls’ varsity basketball team. Monroe is the only sophomore on the All-State team this year which makes it all the more unique. Monroe seemed excited but also wanted to make it […]

Arming Teachers?

BY WALTER CANADY III After the horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month there has been a lot of deliberation on the possible remedy to these incidents. One of the things that had been brought up to offer more safety to schools […]