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The Return to Normalcy

BY CAMERON CAMMACK As we near the finale of the school year, students are anxiously waiting for that final bell to ring on the late May afternoon. This school year has been a challenge for everyone involved due to the circumstances we’re currently learning amongst. At Truman, all […]

Healthy Habits on Social Media

BY CAMERON CAMMACK It’s become a natural reflex to scroll, refresh, like, and post our daily occurrences to our public social media feeds as teenagers living in the twenty-first century. Social media and relying on virtual communication is more apparent now more than ever before with the addition […]

Representation in Media

BY CAMERON CAMMACK Walking into a store, I see a tag that says “One Size Fits All”, I frown knowing what that phrase really represents. “One Size Fits All” actually means one size fits FEW. Things like this have the potential to damage people knowing that they may […]