MacBook Pro Review


Apple has just launched two MacBook Pro models, a 13 inch version 15 inch version.  Both of these MacBook Pros are compatible with a new feature called Touch Bar, This feature will make it easier to skip through Youtube or Netflix videos. Not just this it also works for other software like adobe premiere, final cut pro, and GarageBand. Apple also introduced many other features this year..

It is the thinnest and lightest MacBook ever made with a glossy aluminum design. The latest device is loaded with new features and an outstanding display, but should you upgrade from your old MacBook Pro for the newer model? Here are some of specs and features to help you decide if you should make the leap.


For the first time Apple used the best Retina display in the latest MacBook Pro and this display has never been used before. The new MacBook Pro is 67 percent brighter than the previous generation and features more contrast and a wider color gamut (The complete range or scope of colors) as well. This feature will make graphics sharper and more clear. Sharper graphics and color should lead to a more enhanced experience on Youtube or Netflix. What about a battery? The display changes will now consume 30-percent less power than older versions.


If you’re into specs this MacBook has you covered. In the simplest terms the new MacBook Pro is faster, a full 7 percent faster. This might not seem like too much of upgrade, but it’s a major improvement. The new MacBook Pro 13-inch version includes the 6th gen dual core i7 processor, which is a such a nice upgrade from the 5th gen i7 that was available with the previous MacBook Pro. The core i7 processor features turbo boost which will helps a computer in low power and it also has better performance and expanded support for multiple GPUs


The new model is  14.9-millimeters thick and weighs just 3 pounds, about the same the same weight as 3 spiral notebooks and thick as 1 spiral notebook. The MacBook Pro 13’s battery has decreased from 74.9 watt-hours to 49.2 watt-hours (in the Pro with Touch Bar) which means Apple decreased the amount of batteries.  They battery life is identical to before, at 10 hours, despite the change.


The biggest design change comes courtesy of the Touch Bar. It is a customizable display that’s located at the top of the keyboard.The tool allows you to adjust the volume and brightness, among other basic tasks, and can even carry out more sophisticated tasks related sound mixing and image editing. Now, there is a bad side to the design. Maybe it doesn’t matters to you, but if you’re like me and need to charge the phone while watching Netflix or want transfer files from a memory card then you will be disappointed by this design. Apple has removed all other ports and replaced them with 4 USB-c ports, but Apple increased the trackpad by 50 percent compared to the old MacBook Pro. the increase in of trackpad will increase its Force Touch technology, which has been included in the new trackpad. This will decrease the problems with trackpad which people had before. Now Apple integrated the new feature in touch bar that if you want to unlock the MacBook Pro 16 you can also unlock it with Touch ID. This is a feature iPhone and iPad users are familiar with it over the years, and it’s a welcome addition. Once you’ve set your fingerprint with the device, you can unlock the Mac and switch your accounts easier. With this new feature, you can also make purchases more easily and securely.

Pricing and Availability:

The new MacBook Pro is only available at Apple’s official website for pre-order, with a shipping estimate of three to four weeks. The 13-inch, Touch Bar version of the Macbook Pro starts at $1,500, whereas the Touch Bar-equipped unit starts at $1,800. The previous-gen MacBook Pro 13-inch is still available for $1,299.

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