Pack The House Dance


Everyone gathers to start their thanksgiving break on Tues. Nov. 22 at the annual“Pack The House” dance. As in previous years, the dance was kicked off with a basketball game, this year however it was a double-header as both the boys and girls varsity played against North Kansas City.  

The Freedom Kingdom was easily definable as everyone wore their black glow-fo-sho shirts as they awaited the neon-filled dance.  After the boys finished their game, every athlete and all of the freedom kingdom fled into the cafeteria to start the dance.  Glow-in-the-dark paper covered the walls and black lights hung from the ceiling. Many students enjoyed popping blacklight paint filled bubbles, as everyone was eager to glow. The dance was literally “lit”.

“I think the dance went well,” dance chaperone, Brandi Pruente said.  “Students seemed to enjoy themselves, and the more neon, the cooler the ambiance!” ”

Although the dance was a fun and amazing experience, there are some things STUCO is trying to improve on for future Pack The Houses.

“We wish we had more Friday basketball games so that we could schedule the event better,” Pruente said. “ I think attendance would improve if we had the dance on a Friday.”

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