Nintendo Announces New Console


The idea of this Nintendo is very different from traditional Nintendo consoles. Some features that show the difference between the two consoles are the  6.2 inches capacity of 720p touch screen which is a big step up from  the Wii U. More exact specs and other information have not been released yet.  According to Eurogamer it’s an underclocked version of the tegra x1. It has the same processor that’s inside the NVIDIA SHIELD. Which means it’s definitely a reasonably powerful system, more powerful than the Wii U. However, it’s not going to be on par with something like Xbox one or PS4.


It appears to have two modes; one when it’s running on battery power, and one when it’s docked to the TV. The battery powered mode runs at about half the clock speed of the docked mode, which does make sense when you consider that it has 720p display versus a 1080p TV, however; depending on the game, this difference could also mean a performance difference for the console.


Nintendo claims a range between two and half hours and six and a half hours on a charge, which is a pretty significant range. So to give a little bit more context, they say that when you’re playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you should expect three hours of charge. The other good thing is Nintendo Switch uses USB-C allowing for the use of battery backup or even a generic charger to make it completely able to use on the go.


The Switch has already announced an impressive list of games including Mario Kart 8 deluxe, a brand new Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, and FIFA, just to name a few, but these are coming later in the year. Look forward to playing Zelda at launch.


Nintendo Switch launches on March 3 at $300, which is a competitive price point in the console market. Yes, you can buy PS4 or Xbox One for cheaper, but the new Nintendo Switch is a completely value proposition. The Nintendo Switch is very much a gaming tablet which you can dock with TV versus the other way around.


I’m pretty excited to see if Nintendo is going to be a more successful gaming console than the alternative PS4 or Xbox One.

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