Month: February 2017

YouTube Demonetization

BY CHEYENNE HENRY In these past few weeks some major stuff has gone down in the YouTube community. It started off with just a few YouTubers videos being demonetized, which means that creators do not earn any money, considering that ads are not allowed for their videos. This all […]

Wrestling Prepares For Districts

BY MACKENZIE WYATT It’s a big weekend on the mats for the Patriots wrestling team. They are competing in districts to determine which wrestlers will continue their season at the state tournament. The entire team is preparing for this one, and it’s especially significant for seniors. For seniors like […]

Trump and His Cabinet

BY CHEYENNE HENRY   So far very little of President Trumps nominees for his cabinet have been approved. There are ten positions in the cabinet that do not require Senate approval and Trump has exercised his right to appoint government officials by filling in these ten spots right away. […]