Beats X Review


Beats just released a new pair of headphones, Beats X, which are now the cheapest wireless beats, even cheaper than Apple’s new AirPods.These new wireless headphones are designed for ease of use when working out and other activities that require freedom from wires.

Beats X compares really well to other wireless options such as the Jaybird X2 and X3 and of course the Airpods. Beats X are pretty much an exact hybrid between those two with some added features. Wireless headphones have many different settings and options for cable management. Some are retracable, some have a wire clip like the Jaybirds, and some have no wires at all. These Beats have no cable managment at all except for the magnet in the head of each ear bud which allows users to wear them as a necklace when music is not being played. The wire is a bit longer and is meant to basically sit on your neck. After being tested, users found that the wire is so light they can barely feel it. It’s another nod in the fashion column for Beats.

Beats X still provides all the functionality of a normal pair of headphones and an inline control allowing the user easier access to song forward and backward buttons as well as the volume controls and the play/pause button and even inline microphone for using phone calls. The volume is good and the bud-shape makes a good noise isolation in ears, better than top competitos thanks to the wingtips. With the addition of a new W-1 chip Beats, unlike Airpods, can connect to any android phone via bluetooth, and they keep all their functionality and all the features.

These headphones, even with all the features still have a downside to their ability. Beats X are not sweat proof nor water resistant in any case. It is hard to tell why they’re lacking that basic form of protection even in this technological age.  It seems like a glaring omission, but Beats does sell a different pair of headphones just for working out that includes this protection.

When it comes to sound quality Beats X gives the listener a decent audio experience that beats out other similar premium earbuds by far. The overall sound does tend to elevate the bass which is in line with their traditional headphone offerings.

The battery life is also pretty solid holding about six to eight hours of charge, but they also have quick charging ability through the use of the iPhone lightning charging cable.  This allows them to gain two hours of charge within five minutes of charging.

Does the $150 for the Beats X make them the best Beats made yet?

The answer to that question ultimately lies in how the listener plans to use the headphones.  The lack of sweatproofing makes them useless for workouts.  In those situations there are other options built specifically for working out. However, the product provides a good experience in most situations where fluid is not an issue.

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