IOS 10 Review



Every year, Apple claims its iOS update is the biggest and best yet. With iOS 10, however, that claim actually rings true. This year’s tweaks to the iOS formula breathe new life into Apple’s own apps and make things ever so slightly more open.

The headline features aren’t the real success here; it’s the smaller changes and shortcuts that although not obvious, are satisfying and genuinely useful.


Most of the changes are visual and relatively superficial, however; lots of them involve emoji’s. Emoji’s are now displayed three times larger in Messages, and will be suggested (where appropriate) by QuickType’s predictive text.If you’re part way through typing a message and open the emoji keyboard, iOS will scan the text for any word that has an emoji equivalent, and turn them gold. You can just tap the ones you want to be ’emojified’.

A new addition to the messaging app allows users to play games through messages.

“I like that you can now send someone games through the messaging app, it makes those boring days more exciting,” sophomore Craig Stewart shares.

Games vary from battleship to poker and users would access these games just like they would with the emoji keyboard.



As a minor, legacy feature, many will see a change that the Slide to Unlock feature has been axed and replaced with a ‘Rest Finger to Unlock’ option, which is found within the Accessibility settings.



This is a brand-new app. A hub from which you can control all of your HomeKit-compatible smart-home appliances.

If you open up Home, you’ll see all your HomeKit-compatible accessories, no matter which company makes them, and you can easily control them all from one hub. Many of these will have 3D Touch shortcuts. You can force-tap and slide on a dimmer app, for instance, to adjust light levels.

There’s a nice feature called Scenes, which collects frequently used settings for various devices under a single button. So you could press the ‘Good night’ button to turn down the lights, turn down the thermostat, lock the door and so on.



It’s early but we’re already hearing about various iOS 10 installation problems including an issue where downloads are locking up. If this happens to you, hold down the home button and the power button until the phone reboots. This typically dislodges the issue.

We’re also starting to hear about iOS 10 problems with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery life, random reboots, third-party applications, issues with Touch ID, problems with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, problems with Apple Music, and photo syncing issues.

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