Trump Battles the Media


It seems as if we have had too much controversy over our new president. The mainstream media has been cracking down on President Trump especially since his election. Some have tried to suggest the idea that they are publicly bullying him , but the thing about the statement is that most of the things being stated abou Trump are truths. Some stories could be stretched and even over exaggerated but in one of the most recent it just seems like Trump is trying to expose everyone for their lies except his own. His antics behind all his recent bad new is that “Fake news. It’s all fake news.” According to polifact.com there has been a few claims with Trump and his Russian ties if any. The claims are that members of Trump’s inner circle were in contact with Russian intelligence officials throughout the campaign. That Trump has extensive financial ties to Russia, that Russia has tried for years to manipulate Trump using lucrative business deals, and Russian operatives have collected compromising information that could potentially be used to blackmail Trump. As Americans we would want to believe that all of these things are not true and that maybe we can for the first time believe that our President could do something that doesn’t go against the politically moral grain. The problem with that is that even a NBC reporter caught President Trump in another one of his you could call little lies that he tries to present to America to prove his points. In this case Trump  made a false claim about his Electoral College victory margin that immediately shut down by reporter Peter Alexander. “Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake, when you provide information that’s not accurate?” Alexander asked. Trump responded saying “Actually, I’ve seen that information around. But it was a very substantial victory.” And I think that the question that Alexander presented to the world and President Trump is a substantial question. Even though what had been said by Trump was such a miniscule lie, how much and how far can the lies go for the person that is supposed to be the face and voice for our country? And what could this mean behind all of his alleged situations between Trump and his camp with Russia? Is it untrustworthy news coming from these mainstream outlets, or truths behind a untrustworthy President ?

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