Spring Sports Preview: Track & Field


Track season is upon us again at Truman High School and coaches John Steele and head coach Marcus Summers are very excited for this track season. This will be coach Summers’ first year here at Truman. He moved here from Kansas in search of a fresh start. He’s still in the process of getting to know his athletes, but he has some help in the form of Steele who has been here longer and knows some of kids that went out for track.

There are also plenty of new faces to the track. Truman sophomore Josh Thompson said, “It’s something different for me. I’m fast, but I’m not used to all this running coach Summer has us do. But, I’m having fun doing it.”

For many this is their first experience with track, but there are some athletes with several years of experience. Justin Binnicker said, “I think we have good  amount of talent this year, and I’m liking coach Summers a lot. He’s a very hardworking and fun coach that pushes us to the limits.”  

As you can see the track players are enjoying the season so far and are ready for their first meet  in a couple weeks.  The coaches are trying to push the kids, so they can get them to the next level. “I’m liking the kids here they all hard workers wanting to be pushed everyday in practice and I believe we have a solid squad of kids trying to do great things this season,” said Summers. Both coaches and players are ready to begin the meets and they believe they’ll  have a great track season here this year.  

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