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Joni Oswald

Running Through Life

By: HUNTER DONELSON I started running cross country in my eighth-grade year. I wasn’t very great to start out, but most people I spoke to said I looked like I was born with the natural ability to run. It took some time, but after a few weeks of […]

Photography Club

Photography Club was created and is used to bring together the photographers of Truman High School. Photography club meet to create, socialize and better the quality of  pictures. Having started almost 2 years ago by our president, Chloe Berridge, photography club is fairly new. Our agenda rotates between […]

Strategic Club

Smoke fills the air as you push the large engraved door open, the scratching sound of the door echoing down the dungeon’s hall. As you look into the room, you see the two glowing eyes of a giant golden dragon staring back at you! Adventures like this can […]

FIRST Bots of Independence (Robotics)

Robotics is a team made of all three Independence high schools: Truman, William Chrisman, and Van Horn. In robotics, participants work together to build a new robot every year to complete certain challenges at competitions. We are made up of programmers, designers, builders, photographers, publicists and more. However, […]

Ping Pong Club

Truman High School’s Table Tennis Club is officially on! Our club is open to all students, whether you are a serious competitor or just a beginner. Within our meetings, members will have the opportunity to not only compete at various levels of the game, but also enjoy food, […]

Strict Vs Laid Back Teachers

By: REGAN HENNING Students are our future. Without them and their brains, we won’t be able to succeed as an economy. To get their minds ready for the future, they rely mainly on teachers and the education to guide them. If teachers don’t do their job correctly, we’re […]