Civil and Social Engagement Club (CaSE)

CaSE Club’s main objective is to get members to be not only aware of current events but to use their knowledge to become civically and socially engaged in some way. Meetings could include having discussions, finding ways to spread awareness of issues & make a change at Truman or in Independence overall, and making members aware of ways they can be active outside of the club. Meetings will have somewhat of a structure, but any members who have any ideas that they believe will benefit our club will have a strong influence. Any student of Truman High School is able to join CaSE Club! We want a diverse set of opinions and ideas from our members; no matter your political views, gender, or grade, we welcome you to join!


  • Every other Monday after school until 3:45 p.m.


  • Room 309 (Abney)

Executive Board:

  • Angie Smith (President)
  • Tooba Ali

Contact/Social Media:

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