Day: December 9, 2022

One of Sandler’s Worst

BY THOMAS WOOD Adam Sandler has had an exciting movie-making career to be sure. He’s made famously funny movies such as Big Daddy and Click and famously bad movies like That’s My Boy. Somewhere near the bottom of this wide spectrum of quality lies the 2000 film Little […]

Winter in a Global Society

BY BAY COLT As the winter solstice draws nearer and the busy times of the holiday season loom ever closer, people around the world are preparing for several hectic weeks of preparations and overtime in order to cram for days off to spend with their family—but not everyone’s […]

A Bad Case of Senioritis

BY KRISHAE FRANCO After 12 years of school, many thoughts and feelings come with the 13th and final year. There’s the exciting, yet nerve-racking feeling that comes as the clock counts down to the moment when seniors will toss their caps in the air. There’s the bittersweet feeling […]