A Bad Case of Senioritis


After 12 years of school, many thoughts and feelings come with the 13th and final year. There’s the exciting, yet nerve-racking feeling that comes as the clock counts down to the moment when seniors will toss their caps in the air. There’s the bittersweet feeling that comes with cherishing moments with friends and loved ones. Knowing that by this time next year, people will be off doing their own thing and lives will change as they step into the next chapter of their lives. There’s also the exhaustion that comes during the school year as their motivation and determination are drained from their bodies. This last feeling can be described as one thing: senioritis. 

The Class of 2023 has had a hectic four years. From COVID-19 hitting their freshman year to dealing with the strange, new school protocols. This is the first of a somewhat normal school year. “I feel like I missed out on a lot of things,” said Senior Ife Chigbogwu. “For example, the typical high school experience. Sports games, assemblies, etc.” After missing out on so much due to COVID-19, seniors cherish these final events of their high school careers.     

Multiple thoughts and responsibilities run through a senior’s head. They have to pay attention to their grades, making sure they’re getting all the credits needed to graduate. They have to start thinking about their goals after high school and how they will reach them. For many, senior year is a busy year, and it’s apparent it has been taking a toll on them: “I want to be able to leave college debt free, and it just seems so unattainable,” said Chigbogwu. The stress of all these responsibilities begins to pile up and becomes overwhelming. This leads to exhaustion and a lack of motivation as seniors start to wish they could just be done. 

While this can be a busy time for many seniors, it is important to take a break for the sake of their well-being. When dealing with her stress, Chigbogwu said, “Hanging out with friends helps a lot. Also, I’m a part of a lot of extracurriculars so that takes my mind off of all the stress.” When things get overwhelming, take some time to do something fun, try something new, and spend time with loved ones before going back to your responsibilities. Especially as the first semester of the school year comes to a close, it becomes difficult for many students to keep up with deadlines before grades are due. The countdown until winter break begins, marking the end of the first semester.  

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