The Glory of Secret Santa


This story is sponsored by Santa! “Coal isn’t half bad considering it’s worth $268 per ton.”

It’s December, and according to the song:

“So I must join the race, where I will have to face a list of hundre-” Wait, you’re not a choir kid? Oh, well then just know it’s the busiest time of year, and part of the endless list of tasks involves getting presents for family and friends. And different people like different things, which makes knowing what the recipient of the gift likes a valuable thing. But not knowing what they like could make it tricky to figure out what to give them. However, it could make for an interesting way to get to know the person. That’s why Secret Santa is such a fun and knowledgeable activity.

A good portion of families participate in the mini-activity, but at Truman, Kim Carson, the choir teacher, allows her students to choose if they would like to join. And the rules are very simple: “Each person that wants to participate writes a short Christmas list of sorts of things they like, hobbies, favorites things etc. They will then place the list in a box and then we have a drawing out of all the names so that each person gets somebody else’s list,” She explained.

Even if you have a small list of likes and dislikes, it could still be tricky to figure out a gift. Not to mention you may be wondering how to get a good gift without spending over $50 (okay, budget may vary, but there’s no limit). Luckily, you don’t have to, “You can always use your own artistic and creative skills to create a memorable gift for somebody. Even sharing your own culture or things that you love about the holidays or this time of year could be a treasured memory or gift for the recipient,” Carson mentioned.

But the whole point of secret santa isn’t the gifts. According to Carson, “Choir is like a family. We all get to know one another very well and share some really great experiences and make wonderful memories along the way. Secret Santa is another way to get to know somebody you may not know well or to share some love and cheer with a friend you do know. The room on exchange day is full of excitement and joy. It is one of my favorite days of the year because all of the students are so happy and full of positive energy. If you can imagine 60 kids opening gifts at the same time on Christmas morning, that is the energy and vibe of the day.”

Like Carson said, it’s really a peer activity to get to know the people around you. And it’s really a lot of fun opening presents together, like on Christmas morning at your grandparents house (love you Grandma, love you Grandpa). And whether it’s purchased, or homemade, what gift you get should show you care. I know that I care, and I can imagine that everybody in the choir cares. Now, no one tell (insert name here) about her present!

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