Coping With Finals Stress


Wake up Patriots! It’s almost finals time! Prepare for these next few weeks to be filled with stress, frustration, and lots of coffee. 

Over 31% of students claim semester finals are one of their top contributors of stress. With Christmas break approaching fast, it’s inevitable that Truman High School will soon experience a wave of dread wash over it. 

Many, like myself, filled their schedule with college level courses. While appealing to universities, it doesn’t do much for our well-being. Autumn O’Rouke claims that the only classes she’s worried about are her AP classes. She explains that those classes, like expected, have the toughest material and are really fast paced. She assumes her tests will be filled with multiple topics from earlier units, even those from the first week of school. 

Her worriedness mirrors other students. Taking exams right before the holidays is not fun for anyone. While we’re snug in our desks, visions of sugar-plums dance in our head. That’s not very helpful when trying to figure out the pythagorean theorem. However, it’s essential to remember that these tests are just one step that puts you closer to Christmas break. For every minute you spend filling in answer bubbles, that’s one minute less on the countdown to opening presents. 

These next few weeks are going to be jam packed with lots of review packets and quizlets, but you don’t want to overwork yourself. Lani Darby explains that many students “don’t get enough sleep, and it makes everyone have a bad attitude.” While passing exams is important, being properly rested is vital. Having seven to eight hours of sleep and eating a good breakfast can help you stay focused when testing. After all, what good is pulling all nighters studying just to fall asleep during the exam?

If you’re struggling to grasp material, you can refer to the endless articles and blogs packed full of tips and tricks to get the most out of this stressful time. Just keep in mind to give yourself breaks while studying. Although maximizing these short weeks is important, you don’t want to waste all your energy looking at notes. This leads to sleepless nights, which causes many to fall asleep in class. Ben Neufeld feels as though classrooms seem to “calm down and become quieter. Everyone is keeping to themselves and focusing on studying.” You don’t want to get rid of all socialization during this period, as that will cause problems in the long run. Using the buddy system, avoiding cramming, and laying out a study schedule will help make these next few weeks easier, as well as make sure you have time for other activities. 

So don’t be nervous Patriots. Afterall, many of us have already been through this period of high school. I’m sure we’ll be okay. Just remember; overwork your coffee machine, not yourself.

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