FIRST Bots of Independence (Robotics)

Robotics is a team made of all three Independence high schools: Truman, William Chrisman, and Van Horn. In robotics, participants work together to build a new robot every year to complete certain challenges at competitions. We are made up of programmers, designers, builders, photographers, publicists and more. However, no prior experience is needed, just curiosity and a willingness to learn. You can join until December. We love having new people join and we’ll teach you whatever you want to learn!


  • Robotics meetings are every other Tuesday


  • Chrisman High School

Executive Board:

  • Hannah Carr (Team Captain)
  • Ms. Windes (Sponsor)

Contact/Social Media:

  • (Team Captain)
  • @frc1723 (Twitter)
  • FRC Team 1723 (Facebook)

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