Strategic Club

Smoke fills the air as you push the large engraved door open, the scratching sound of the door echoing down the dungeon’s hall. As you look into the room, you see the two glowing eyes of a giant golden dragon staring back at you! Adventures like this can always be found on Thursdays in room 304 with the Truman Strategic Club. TSC is Truman’s home for all card games and RPGs. Having everything for Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder to Magic the Gathering, Truman Strategic Club is a great place for everyone, from beginners to experienced players!


  • Every Thursday after school until 5:00


  • Room 304

Executive Board:

  • Bethany Rudzik (President)
  • Jones White (Vice President)
  • Mr.Huber (Sponsor)
  • Mr.Hoover (Sponsor)



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