Ping Pong Club

Truman High School’s Table Tennis Club is officially on! Our club is open to all students, whether you are a serious competitor or just a beginner. Within our meetings, members will have the opportunity to not only compete at various levels of the game, but also enjoy food, friends, and fun! The overall mission to provide students with a lively after school activity all began in the Spring of 2018, when the club was first introduced. It was founded by president Joni Oswald, vice president Kara Amos, and sponsor Josh Keeney. So grab your friends, pick up a paddle, and join Ping Pong Club in our various meetings and events held throughout the year!


  • When: October 3rd-7:00, October 23rd
  • Where: Small gym or band room
  • No materials needed, all equipment is provided

Executive Board:

  • Joni Oswald (President)
  • Kara Amos (Vice President)
  • Josh Keeney (Sponsor)

Contact/Social Media:

  • (President)
  • (Vice President)
  • THSpingpong (Instagram and Twitter)

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