A Fresh Start: How Students Respond to the Building’s New Remodel

By: Regan Henning

Over the summer of 2018 a lot of developments were made to Truman. Last year the school was only halfway done with remodeling so coming back this year, the upperclassmen got a pleasant surprise. When asked, students agreed that the cafeteria and overall look of the building is a lot more welcoming and they enjoyed it more. Marisa Jackson, sophomore, said, “The cafeteria is a lot cleaner and nicer. You can’t see the insulation from the walls and it’s not as dark. It doesn’t look like a prison anymore.” The cafeteria was one of the most significant transformations that students noticed when coming back to school.

Senior parking has always been a perk for senior students but this year, it’s been taken away. It’s a free for all this year and there is no more senior parking. When asked about the parking, senior Clifford Monk said, “It will take a little getting used to but eventually I feel like people will park in the same spot. I’m not happy about the loss of senior parking but most seniors have half days anyway.” Students agree that the parking lot is a little crazy now but they think it will die down eventually when we get further into the year.

All of these changes were made for a reason: to make life easier for the students, to make school more enjoyable, and to make the school look better. When asked the question ‘Have these changes made your school life better or worse?’ The answer was always yes. These upgrades have allowed students to enjoy lunch more, get a good parking spot even if they aren’t a senior, and proudly show their patriot pride.

Some students would like to see some more additions in the school though. When asked, Clifford Monk responded, “I would definitely like to see them use the TVs in the cafeteria, mainly to play Bob Ross.” Marisa Jackson said, “I wish there were more larger tables instead of the ones that just sit four people, other than that, I think everything is fine.” These are all small changes that would be easy to make. For the most part however, people are happy with how it is now.

To conclude, all the upgrades that have been done with school have been a big hit with the students and everyone has enjoyed them. Moving on to the upcoming years, hopefully we can maintain the school how it is and keep it in great condition. If we get more funding we can continue to make small changes and make Truman as great as it possibly can be.

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