Truman’s Track Queen


Truman’s track queen, junior, Stacy Briggs performed phenomenally last weekend at sectionals to earn herself a ticket to state.

Right now she is on the cusp of being an elite runner in Missouri.

Briggs has proven to be quite the runner and as said by Coach Marcus Summers she could even be considered an elite runner in all of Missouri. This is a huge accomplishment.

Through the years, Briggs has pushed herself  to improve. She has many mental challenges she gives herself so that she can be the best possible athlete.

“I always set it as a goal for myself to run as hard as I can and hopefully be a top finisher,” Briggs said.

The goals and the mentality that Briggs brings is highly appreciated throughout her team and is looked up to as a mentor for most.

“I am very proud of Stacy Briggs for her hard work and dedication she sets the positive example and standard for our team,” Coach Summers, head of the cross country team, said. “She chooses to push herself and challenge herself and that is what makes her special. Seeing her grow this season has been a lot of fun for me as a coach.”

Similar to how Summers feels, Briggs states that she would not have made it this far without the help of her peers and influencers around her. She thanks everyone that made this possible for her.

“My coaches, parents, and teammates/friends have always been supportive of my dreams,” Briggs said. “I really appreciate Coach Summers dedication to training and preparing me throughout the season.”

Briggs’ accomplishment of state is not just celebrated by her peers but by Truman as a whole.

Patriot Vision’s Kyler Barnett caught up with Head Cross Country Coach Marcus Summers about Briggs’ performance this season.

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