Chiefs Falter Against the Steelers


The Kansas City Chiefs were finally defeated this past week losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 19-13. After being the underdogs in the game with a record of 3-2 the Steelers defense destroyed the Chiefs offense in the first half.  

As they were holding on for dear life during the fourth quarter, the Chiefs started making a comeback. But it was not quick enough. Pittsburgh takes the win and betters their record to 4-2 and drops Kansas City’s record 5-1.

Steeler running back Le’Veon Bell Steelers rushed for 179 yards and a touchdown on 32 carries, and just like in the past years the Steelers found a way to stop the Chiefs offense.

Last year they beat the Chiefs and pushed them out of the playoffs (18-16) and this year they shut down their offense right away. The Steelers defense dominated in the first half not letting KC have any first downs at that point. The Chiefs didn’t even score their first touchdown until they 6:13 left in the game.

The Chiefs defense had no clue on how to stop notorious Bell, just based off past meetings against the Chiefs, where he would always manage around 170 or more yards against them. He just seems unstoppable against the Chiefs defense. Really the difference in this game for the Chiefs was their run game.

Rookie running back, Kareem Hunt,only had five carries and 89 yards this past game. De’anthony Thomas, non-rookie running back had only three carries for 69 yards.  Combine those two running backs yards together it only comes to 158 which is still almost a quarter of a field less than Bell.

Alex Smith, Chiefs quarterback, having 246 yards and one touchdown and the Pittsburgh QB, Ben Roethlisberger having 252 yards and one touchdown. However, it never really is the quarterback’s fault and lies more on the defense and their run game.  Hopefully the Chiefs can look over the tapes and figure out a way to stop the Steelers and the teams they play in the future.

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