Drama Tournament


Competitive drama, a course highly associated with acting and relating to speech and debate, has a tournament today. The NFL novices (or first years) head to Blue Springs for their first tournament and the varsity (second and above years) travel to Blue Springs South. In these tournaments the students each perform one or two pieces for the judges to decide if they go to semifinals or not. Pieces can be anything from HI (Humorous Interpretation), Dramatic Interpretation or DI, Poetry, Storytelling, and much more.

Before the tournament Mrs. Yung, head of competitive drama, shared her thoughts about the novices. “I love them and I think they’re excited, and that excites me,”  she remarks, “I know they are going to do their very best and that’s all I ever ask.”

The competitive drama team is marked one of the most interactive teams with each other compared with any other activity.

“I’m nervous and very excited,” sophomore novice, Autumn Adams, shares her opinion on the tournament. “This is my first tournament but it’s a good time for me to open up.”

Autumn knows that while she may be nervous that there are always people backing her up and as long as she does her best her team wouldn’t be disappointed.

Nervosity is not only present for novice players. Senior Varsity member Nicholas Guppy shares, “I’d like to say I’m not worried but it’s my last year and I feel a lot of pressure.”

Last years tend to want to make a good impression like Guppy and end off with a bang. For some seniors, this could be a very important year as they are hoping to compete collegiately in the next years. However, despite the varsities doubts, Mrs. Yung feels very confident.

“They are very talented and I know they will do well,” she said proudly. “They’re my kiddos and I know what they can do.” Now I wait for the tournament to start, knowing it’ll be a good one.

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