Basketball Season Returns


Winter time means transition time as basketball season starts again. After a sub-fair season for our new football team we are looking forward to seeing how the basketball team will do this year;and of course outside of our team, the basketball fans can’t wait to see what their NBA teams will do.

A few significant changes have been made to both our high school team, and the NBA league. This will be the second season with head coach, Rod Briggs, and most likely we will still see some building between our players and the fairly new implemented systems even after the first season. Hopefully this year will be a little better than last year, as we very much so struggled to get a sense of our new identity, and overall groove as a team.

As far as the NBA goes, there is also going to be a few new things consisting of  new faces on new teams, and almost looking forward to seeing what this season’s rookies will have to offer. You have new major additions like, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George with Oklahoma City Thunder. As well as Lonzo Ball, and Markelle Fultz, who are expected to make a significant change in the level of their teams, the Lakers and 76ers.

Not only that the NBA has spiced up this years All-star game by dissolving the East vs West team theme.

A sbnation.com article states,  “Now, team captains will be selecting the teams regardless of what conference players play in.”

For some of us this will be interesting because now we will get to see what it will look like for some of our favorite players from different conferences playing together..This  also may give players a little more initiative to play, seeing as they chose the team, and not just guys they have to play with.

On the other side of this change we may face things like player snubs, or just the dis-ease  for some because of the change of the norm. Either way it goes it will of course be exciting  to see how the all-star game will turn out. 

Basketball season for me personally is my favorite sport, and season, being the winter. For those like me, it will be an exciting winter for our basketball team, and NBA teams, hopefully one to remember for both.

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