Thoughts from the Homecoming Queen


Kaili Miller and Syrell Thorpe were both nominated by the band to be on 2017 Homecoming Court. It just so happened that they were the only ones on court that were not nominated by Student Council.

Kaili Miller was crowned homecoming queen last Friday. In case you don’t know the basics on what the homecoming court is here’s a quick lesson. Each year in Truman high school all school activities elect one guy and one girl to be on court together. These two people then make their campaign election video together to convince the school to vote them for homecoming queen and king. At the next football game they announce the winners from the press box then do it once more at the homecoming dance. At the dance the homecoming queen and king have just one.

Miller says, “The first thing that came to my mind when my name was called was disbelief, I was honestly surprised when my name was called from the press box.” There are two candidates for each school activity so coming out on top is something no one knows until the votes are counted.

Even though there is no special ritual to being homecoming besides a crown and some flowers Kaili Miller is still happy, “Homecoming queen absolutely doesn’t change my view on anything, I still love life and all my family and friends in it. I’m just going to keep to doing what I normally do and be positive.”

Miller’s partner, Syrell Thorpe, now homecoming king, isn’t in a relationship with Miller but Miller shares that the dance was “bittersweet, I would have never guessed that me and this boy would be truman high schools 2017 homecoming queen and king.”

This year’s homecoming was done a little differently because the dance was done in the small gym instead of the cafeteria due to construction but Miller see it as the best yet. She shares, “This year’s homecoming was definitely my favorite I loved campaigning with Syrell and the decorations were beautiful. This year’s court was filled with my best friends.” A statement that everyone on court would agree with.

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