Truman Athletes Discuss NFL Players Kneeling for the Anthem


NFL players began a protest against police brutality and racial inequality. Trump’s response? Fan boycott. And within the past week, the media has been all over the issue of President Trump calling out NFL players using profanity in some cases. For many teams, players would lock arms or kneel in protest during the National Anthem.  Even Kansas City’s own players such as Marcus Peters, Travis Kelce, Chris Conley and Justin Houston joined in this organization-wide protest.

Trump would like to see the team owners suspend and even fire players for this outbreak which just caused even more players to join the protest. The NFL unions and most team owners backed their protest saying Trump attacks “inappropriately” even Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t agree with Trump.

On a lower scale, the Truman football team shares their opinions on the matter. “I think everything that is going on is just dumb,” sophomore varsity cornerback, Nate Clements shares. “Our flag represents the army and people who fight for our country so basically to me, you are saying you don’t support those people on what their doing.”

Trump  continued a very strong  disapproval of the players who sat or took a knee  to protest for violence against minorities.

“If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our flag & country, you will see change take place first. Fire or Suspend!” Trump tweeted.

Many disagree with Trump but many do agree with him. It’s an issue that has communities and the country as whole divided.

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