Homecoming Preparations


Homecoming is this weekend starting with the football game tonight, the parade Saturday morning, and the dance Saturday night. We interviewed several homecoming candidates to see what they responded to 4 different questions.

Homecoming is a nicely looked upon time of the year as Logan Boone says, “I think it’s really fun and a good time to get together.” Getting on court for the possibility of becoming homecoming king/queen is an elected matter and Mason Adrales says, “I feel honored the girls tennis team found me important enough to elect me.”

Melia Bayliff says, “I don’t think I’m going to win but i’m happy to be there.” All of the candidates feel happy to be on court and even if they don’t win they will still be happy. As for the homecoming election video Kaili Miller speaks for all of them when she says, “It was really creative and just a really fun experience.”

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