Logan Treloar: In Pursuit of Excellence


Logan Treloar is not your average student-athlete. While many see him only as a typical teenage boy who only cares about himself and sports, that is simply not the case. While being involved in football, wrestling, baseball, track, National Honors Society and A+, Treloar has shown his commitment to Truman High School and those around him.

That being said, Treloar wasn’t always this focused. He recalls that, “As an athlete in middle school I was at my lowest. I was just a chubby, slow, and short kid who didn’t play at all.” That was until a man named Charlie Pugh came into his life. As Treloar remembers, Coach Pugh was the only person to see his potential. He pushed Treloar to get better and established his love for football. Moving into his last year of middle school, Treloar took this motivation to play as hard as he could. He wanted to make an impression on his future high school coaches. Treloar was also inspired by his older brother Colton who Treloar saw play for Truman. He didn’t want to be known as the “baby brother,” so he set out to make a name for himself. 

Treloar mentioned that the transition to high school called for lots of extra work. He and his brother took that to heart. They began training on the field whenever they could, and Treloar started eating over 4,000 calories a day to bulk up. He went out for wrestling during the winter, while continuing his baseball journey in the spring. Treloar wanted to stay busy all year round. His freshman year was spent in the weight room or on the turf. He was no longer a “chubby, slow, and short kid who didn’t play at all.” Treloar had completely transformed over the course of his freshman year. 

Starting his sophomore year, Treloar was put on varsity for football. Under the direct coaching of Pugh, Treloar’s hard work had paid off. But the job wasn’t done. Continuing the losing streak, the Patriots did not have a successful football season and lost every game. Yet, this only motivated Treloar moving forward. Entering his second winter season at Truman, Treloar decided to not wrestle. Instead, he took this extra time to continue developing. His eating and workout habits mirrored freshman year but with a higher intensity. Treloar even took a break from baseball in the spring. Instead of getting ready for the summer club season, he decided to go out for Track and Field. Treloar proved that his off-season discipline was the right decision. As one of his jumping teammates, Treloar was decent at triple jump and had a newfound passion for track. He spent his time in the spring focusing on getting quicker, stronger, and better for the fall season. 

Treloar’s beginning to his junior season was remarkable. His determination and work ethic put him in a great position on the field. He was strong, he was steady, and he had come to play hard. He had many great games including the one against NKC, where Treloar finished with nine tackles against many athletes that have signed to play D1. Moving through the season, Treloar and the Patriots had many breakthroughs. They broke Truman’s losing streak with a 47-6 win over Southeast, which proved that hard work does pay off. Treloar even earned special recognitions at the end of the season including All-Conference and Academic All-State. 

During Treloar’s winter season, he made a comeback to wrestling. Although it was a rough ride, he still had a close district tournament and finished two matches away from qualifying for state. Treloar continued with his morning and night routine, which led him into the upcoming spring season. Treloar was now faced with a difficult decision. Should he pursue his second season of track and field? Or should he continue his tradition of baseball before the summer like he did freshman year? The choice was his. But Treloar explained that the decision was clear. He revealed that at the end of track last year, he wasn’t satisfied. As he moved into summer ball, the love he had for the game was revived. Treloar knew returning to baseball in the spring was the best option. He began going to workouts and getting back into the groove of things. Treloar has his work cut out for him, but with his work ethic, he’ll be just fine. 

As someone who’s known Treloar for years, it’s been interesting to watch him grow up. He walks through life like an adult. Despite being a teenage boy, Treloar’s maturity level sets him apart from his peers. Treloar mentioned he wants to set a good example for his little sister Natalie, despite the environment at home. He explained that his parents have a rough way of discipline, but that he’s never let it get in the way of his goals. Treloar has allowed his home life to push him harder, and force him to use sports as a way to escape. Treloar loves his family, and he’s grateful for all they’ve done to support him, but he makes sure none of the baggage he carries from home weighs him down.

Treloar’s experiences at home, in the classroom, and on the field have inspired him to pursue a teaching degree. He plans on becoming a teacher and coach to “ help change others’ lives just like Pugh did to mine.”  He wants to help students get involved at their school, and help them be successful. Treloar is getting a headstart by driving to Pioneer Ridge on block days to tutor middle school students and shadow teachers. 

Logan Treloar is not the kid you see on the surface. What’s made up of high school sports and a stereotypical teenage boy sense of humor is deep down a sensitive, compassionate, determined student-athlete who has the goal of, “changing the world one student at a time.”

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