Month: February 2023

Bad Sequel to a Bad Movie

BY THOMAS WOOD In the later months of 1999, Disney produced a Disney Channel original film by the name of Horse Sense. It was received with complicated reviews, many viewers merely thinking it was a decent movie. Disney “capitalized” on this reception by making a sequel two years […]

Should Schools Block Games?

BY ROSA PRESTON As I’m writing this, I’m going back and forth between this story and playing Sudoku. Yep, I’m playing Sudoku and working at the same time. That’s mainly because most other games are blocked. Even typing in the word “games” sends you to your favorite unblocked […]

Movie Review: Horse Sense

BY THOMAS WOOD Around the turn of the 21st century, Disney started producing a new sort of movie. They decided to branch away from their animated roots and make some original live-action films. Eventually, this venture would go on to produce classic films like Teen Beach Movie and […]