Pack the House Week


It’s Pack the House week, Patriots! We’re in the midst of spirit days, trash talk from our Noland Road rivals, and excitement for the dance that is sure to be great. It’s no secret Truman has the best student section at sports games. Our energy is unmatched with any school we’re up against, and that includes Chrisman. 

Pack the House has always been a fun experience. The basketball game before is loud, energetic, and packed full of supporters. The dance afterwards is a perfect follow up, as we simply carry our excitement out the gym doors and down to the small gym. 

However, we all know the best part about Pack the House is the spirit days leading up to the dance, and this time around some new ones have been introduced: “Groutfit,” which includes showing off an all grey outfit, was the assigned theme for Wednesday. It’s an interesting one to say the least, but I’m glad STUCO is thinking outside the box. “Groutfit” is a step in the right direction to bring in new spirit days. 

Personally, I loved Tuesday’s spirit day: Hunter vs Prey. It’s a great way to convey that this week we play our bear friends from Chrisman, but also a unique theme that isn’t repeated every single spirit week. I especially loved seeing the over the top outfits from both hunters and prey: Full blown hunting gear, animal ears, and slight makeup.  

Of course there was the traditional PJ day on Monday, “Patriot Pride” for Thursday, and Pack the House theme for Friday. Despite what many students say about PJ day, I still think it’s a fine spirit day. Some find it redundant and cliche, but it’s always had the most participation. It’s the easiest way to get all types of students involved with school. I think it’s great. 

A glow dance is the perfect way to end one of the most stressful weeks of highschool. After an intense start to finals and a pre-dance, energized basketball win, I couldn’t think of a better way to end it all besides a fun neon mixer. Although it’s bound to be filled with the same cheesy songs that play at every school dance, sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to kick off a weekend.

Happy Pack the House week Patriots!

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