How to Purchase a Senior Ad

If you are interested in purchasing Senior ads for the yearbook they are available to buy @
On the site you will search for “Truman High School”. Once you have selected the one in “Independence, MO” (by clicking “Shop the store”) then it will take you to a separate page. This page will have several links to buy a yearbook at various price points (Deluxe package, Basic package, and just the yearbook).
You want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Get Started” button underneath where it says “Create a Personal Ad”
From there it will walk you through the process of typing out the message for your student and uploading pictures.
Here are the ad prices & photo limits:
1/8 page = $25.00 & 1 photo
1/4 page = $50.00 & 2 photos
1/2 page = $100.00 & 4 photos
Special Requests:
If you have any kind of special requests or specific ways you would like the ad to look then please email me (, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate the request. Please remember the book is entirely put together by students for a grade in a class, so the earlier they get any kind of requests the more likely they will have the time to put them together. There’s also a chance we just can’t make it work within the framing of the layout. But we do try and make it happen if we can.
We generally accept ads as long as we have space to put them in the book. We have actually sold out the allotted space the past two years. If you purchase before January 17th (notice the date change from the email that was sent in January) I can guarantee you a spot as we’ll have time to adjust the book. After that date we have to finalize the number of pages for the book, so there will only be a limited amount of space remaining. The absolute last day you can purchase a senior ad is set for February 28th. The students need that month to build those pages into the book as we send the book off to print near the end of March. At this very moment there is still plenty of space left, but we have seen a big incline in sales over the past week.
Physical pictures:
I know that some people would rather give us physical pictures to upload as they may not have digital copies. We can do that, but we would much rather you try to use the upload process. The book is put together by high school students, and while I trust them to be very careful with your priceless photos, accidents do happen. That being said, if you would like to do it this way then you will need to drop off the photos, a copy of what you want the ad to say, and payment in the front office. You will also need to provide us with a way to get the photos returned to you.
If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me at or call my office (extension 12244) at the school. All money generated from ad sales goes towards paying for the book itself. The more ads we sell the more likely it is we can sell the book at a lower price point in following years.
Thank you for your support.
– Garrett Gordon
Truman High Media Adviser

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