Strict Vs Laid Back Teachers


Students are our future. Without them and their brains, we won’t be able to succeed as an economy. To get their minds ready for the future, they rely mainly on teachers and the education to guide them. If teachers don’t do their job correctly, we’re all in trouble.

Everyone gets stuck with a teacher they don’t like at some point in their life. Unfortunately, teachers that aren’t as lenient fill that role for some students, but not all. Strict teachers put pressure on students to do their best and give as much effort as possible. Laid back teachers allow students to take their time on work and don’t enforce rules, this could cause slacking in class.

Strict teachers are more effective at increasing class performance. There’s no room to mess around in a class that has a teacher with a clear agenda. This may not be as fun, but it’s necessary for success. Stringent teachers in high school prepare us for college. They mimic situations in the real world, when we have jobs, because there is no room for messing around, turning in work whenever, or talking all day. It’s a concept students may not be happy with, but it’s also a concept that will help immensely later in life.

Good grades play a big roll when going to college or just graduating high school. Strict teachers help you get good grades in their class through rules, but it works. Their class helps structure you for life more than an easy and laid back class would. It’s important to focus on succeeding in high school before moving on to what you want to do in the future.

It is understandable that students want a fun teacher that would help make them enjoy class more, however those teachers will sometimes let their students do whatever they want.This causes them to not do as well on test and assignments. Sometimes tough love is the best love. My experience with strict teachers never caused me to be unhappy. It motivates me to be better and impress them or to just to be good in class. It has also caused me to study more and put more thought into topics. It’s a challenge but with the right perspective, it can be a good challenge.

Students who take school seriously should recognize that teachers who implement rules more are not detrimental to learn from. You may not be thanking them now, but you will definitely thank them in the future. Stern teachers provide you with not only a good education, but a layout of what life will be like. If you get stuck in a class with a strict teacher, they may not be your favorite, but that one class is helping you more than you can imagine. With teachers like those, nobody will have to worry about what the future will hold with the youth learning from and enduring strict teaching.

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  1. I completely disagree with this. A real good teacher will make a subject come alive to students and help them really understand. As a student myself, I know that when I have less strict, more fun teachers who are also generally more fun, I am more incentivized to really understand the subject. When I have very strict and or boring teachers, I just learn the concepts or facts well enough to do good on the test and forget all of the information very soon. While it is true that strict teachers are more effective than a teacher who doesn’t enforce rules or make kids do work, it is also true that the best type of teacher makes student’s WANT to learn the topics rather than dreading going to their class.


  2. And i disagree with you i am also a student but I think a equal teacher is the way to go.Both show a good personality and fun person to be around.


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