Why Patrick Mahomes is the Real Deal


All it’s taken is three weeks and the Patrick Mahomes era in Kansas City is already breaking records. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mahomes has thrown 13 touchdown passes through the first three weeks which is more than anyone in NFL history.

Hype surrounded Mahomes coming into the season and he has done nothing but live up to it. Not only has he tossed 13 touchdown passes, but he’s also avoided bad mistakes as evidenced by the 0 in the interceptions column. Mahomes has kept the ball from hanging in the air, which prevents him from throwing it into defensive coverages. Not all quarterbacks can do that because they might not have the arm strength to go with the touch.

“I think when you take care of the ball as well as he has, or guys like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers do week in and week out, when you are virtually flawless and productive at the same time, you should consider yourself in rarefied air. That is what he’s done here these first few weeks,” Hall of Fame quarterback, Brett Favre told NFL Radio.

It may be too early to compare him to players like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, but from what we’ve seen so far he looks to have the same skill set. Either way you look at it, it’s hard to ignore one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time calling Mahomes “virtually flawless”.

Mahomes has also done a great job keeping the defense on their toes and not forcing the ball to any specific receiver. Showtime, as his teammates call him, has kept his hungry receivers fed with 9 of his 13 touchdown bombs going to different receivers including Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, De’Anthony Thomas, Chris Conley, Anthony Sherman, Demetrius Harris, Sammy Watkins, and DeMarcus Robinson, quite the list right?

The second year quarterback has the mentality to be an all-time great as he spends hours upon hours studying film, even on his off days.

For my birthday, I came up here and got to watch some film. When I went home, I didn’t want to go to dinner and my girlfriend had gotten me a cake,” Mahomes told SB Nation.

A lot of this work has shown in Mahomes’ first few weeks as him and head coach, Andy Reid, were able to create the game plan to perfection. In Week 1, Mahomes focused on using speedster Tyreek Hill to expose the Chargers’ slower defensive backs much like we saw Alex Smith attempt last season. In Week 2, they went more towards Travis Kelce to uncover Pittsburgh’s hole at the linebacker position.

At this point in the season, Mahomes is on pace to pass for 80 touchdowns. Obviously that isn’t going to hold, but it’s an interesting stat for this reason: If not 80, how many? Saying Mahomes is on pace for that right now may make a number like 40 or 50 seem like not so much. If that were to happen, he would become the youngest player to ever pass for over 40 touchdowns in a single season. If you can’t handle these crazy numbers then here’s something more down to Earth for you.

Mahomes passed for three touchdowns to extend his total to 13 on Sunday, breaking Peyton Manning’s record for the most in his teams first three games. Arrowhead Stadium is the loudest stadium in the world and it didn’t get any quieter when their young phenom made his home debut. Mahomes carved up the San Francisco 49ers and their 25th ranked passing defense much like Matthew Stafford did in Week 2. Watching Mahomes break yet another all-time greats record this week was incredible and we can all say we witnessed the best start a quarterback has ever had.


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