Truman High School’s Strategy Club Welcomes Students for the New Year

By: Faith Nickens

One thing Truman High School prides itself on is having a variety of clubs for all of their students interests. Knowing this, in October of 2017, a group of students founded the Strategy Club, focused around playing multiplayer story based games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and Magic the Gathering among others. Well, they tried to start it.

According to Bethany Rudzik, the club’s president, it took over a month to even get the club request forms. Not having the student council faculty member in the building made the process be drawn out over multiple months. Rudzik said, “there was just a lack of organization. I mean, the office didn’t know who to send me to. I had to go to three separate teachers before someone could help me. And even then, it took about two weeks for me to actually get the paperwork.”

Rudzik had to scramble to get the club members signatures before the semester was out, so the Strategy Club could be founded before the new semester began. Even then, it was nearly impossible for her to receive a response back from the student council, and their faculty administrator.

January of 2018, the first student council meeting was held and two representatives, Jones White, the vice president, and Davey Clark, the secretary, went to advocate for the Strategy Club. Obviously, the pair did well because starting this semester, the Strategy Club is open for all students. Meetings are held in Mr. Huber’s room, 304, or in Mr. Hoover’s room, 311.

“The Strategy Club is a club that uses games like D&D, Pathfinder and Magic the Gathering to create social and problem solving skills in students,” the president says. If this appeals to you, stop by on Thursdays, everyone is welcome!

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