Join A Club, Embrace Your Passion

By: Nevaeh Robinson

The students bustled around the classroom, papers are passed around with the plans on it, marks made here and there as changes are shouted through the room. With each school year there is a huge amount of activities that students can choose to partake in from things like sports, to musicals, and even spirit events. However, a large part of the opportunities come from a multitude of clubs that fill Truman’s classrooms. At the beginning of each school year the sponsors and students that run each club have to prepare for all the new and returning students. Filling their schedules with things that make for a hopefully successful school year.

Being this early in the year many of these clubs are just now having their first official meetings. Sophia Vickers of French Club mentioned that they were having their first meeting on Friday, the 24th, for the executive board to plan out the future meetings and discuss the basics of their year. Just like with French Club many clubs are starting off with a meeting to plan for the club’s events during the year.

Students typically join clubs in hopes to further develop certain skills or aspects that they are already interested in. Many use it as a way to find a friend group that is also involved in similar activities as they are. When asked about this aspect Vickers said, “I think it’ll help starting intentional conversations with people at Truman and with other people my age.” Being a teen, it can be hard to make friends and fit in. However, with clubs, they make a typically hard task a whole lot easier.

With clubs you find people that have the same interests as you, as every club is specific to a certain thing. There’s foreign language, community service, acting, chess, robotics, and even yoga. These are just some of the many clubs offered here at Truman, as there truly is a club for everybody here.

When asked about what she’s looking forward to about sophomore year, Annie Jackson said, “I’m excited to get involved and meet new people.” Just as Jackson said many people use this opportunity to become a more social and involved within the school. Some clubs have you advertise, complete community service, even practice speaking skills. There are a variety of other things that come with clubs, all of which have many benefits to them.

Clubs truly are a large part of the Truman community. They help better the school and add into the creative atmosphere that many people here promote. While clubs aren’t mandatory they sure are helpful in finding a way to make the challenge that is high-school, a little easier.

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