School shootings lead to a response here and around the country


Wednesday, Mar. 14 brought students from all over the country together in a nation-wide walk out to protest gun violence and call for the nations leaders to pass stricter gun laws. 

Many students and teachers did this for the 17 victims on the Valentine day mass were killed by a 19 year old gunman who entered the school with a semi automatic AR-15 rifle. The shooting launched a gun control movement among teens around the world. Because of this tragedy many people are now pressing this issue because of how easy it is for people to shoot up not just high schools but any type of school.

So many ask what should we do? If we do not take action now these things will get worse, many of us students joke about these type of things in school and we just think in our minds  it won’t happen to our school nobody would wanna do that here, however it’s no joking matter, this can happen to any of our schools and we must be ready to take action and prepare for a situation like this.  

Schools all around the Country have began to improve their security and defense systems against, what they have decided to call, “intruders”.

A month after the massacre that took the lives of 17 students and teachers Students at Truman High School participated in a Nation-Wide Walk Out to provide 17 minutes of silence to those lives lost, they also organized an “intruder drill” two days later in order to revise how both students and staff members react to a situation like Parkland’s.

In 8th block students were alerted over the speaker that an intruder (represented with an orange cone) had enter the building, and based on its location, each student and teacher did what they thought was the best option to keep each others safe. Some students helped their teachers to build barricades at the doors using the tables and chairs in the classrooms, others decided to hide under the tables and inside the closets, and those who were closer to safe doors, evacuated the building with their hands in the air so the police officers would not mistake them for the intruders.

This drill is one of the actions that our school is taking in order to keep everyone in the building safe. We hope for our school to never face a situation like this one, but if we ever do, everyone’s cooperation is required and could save several lives.

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