Opinion: Marcus Peters Trade


Recently, the Kansas City Chiefs have made some new changes to their defense and offense by trading Marcus Peters and Alex Smith. They moved Peters to the Los Angeles Rams and Smith to the Washington Redskins. Many people believe that getting a fourth round pick this year and a second round pick in 2019 wasn’t worth Peters and a sixth round pick this year from the Chiefs.

Many fans of the Chiefs are not happy about this. They are giving up one of the best cornerbacks in the game at this moment for just some picks in the future when all he was asking for was too be the highest paid cornerback in the league which be up to 18 million per season. But then again he was a very emotional player, however,  through a lot attention on himself when he sat during the national anthem, but then decided to just sit in the locker room until the anthem was over. He felt as if African Americans were not being treated the same.

In September, he cursed out a fan during a win against the Washington Redskins after giving up a touchdown, and the next week against Houston he was seen yelling loudly at defensive coordinator Bob Sutton on the sideline. Marcus Peters may of had a temper on him as you can see but he made such a impact on defense for the Chiefs these past years. He had a career high of four fumbles last year which help the Chiefs defense a lot during the season.

But while some of Peters’ new numbers went up some went down. For example he recorded a career low in passes deflected and interceptions as some many teams realized how much of a threat he was they decided to go for the other cornerbacks instead. I believe the Chiefs should not have traded him when he was such a big importance on this team’s defense but  if keeping him on the roaster wasn’t possible then they have made the right decision.

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