Making The Jump


Danielle Tyler made a state run last season in the pole vault for Truman’s track and field team. Just being a sophomore last year, it was a great and unexpected performance as she set a PR (personal record) jumping 10 feet into the air and over the bar. Tyler expects to go even higher this time, “My goal this year is to go back to state and jump 12 feet.”


Coach Marcus Summers has some of the same aspirations as Tyler when it comes to her success. “If she can improve 2 or 3 feet this season she might be on her way to a state title,” Summers said.


Tyler believes her experience at state last season will pay off, “Going to state is a great feeling, not only was I around the best pole vaulters in our Class but I got to watch them and learn from their mistakes,” she said.


She didn’t just learn from their mistakes but it also helped her pick up some of her own techniques. “She’s been working on her running mechanics, things like her 3 step takeoff, her trail leg, closing off for invert, and she’s starting to learn to tap since then,” Summers said.


Coach Summers and Tyler have a great coach-athlete relationship that continues to improve. “Coach Summers is an outstanding coach. He’s helped me so much with pole vault and life in general,” Tyler said. Coach Summers has been a great coach for the entire track and field team since he started last year and has already been able to turn athletes like Danielle into all-state performers.


Summers helped Danielle each and every day to improve and noticed something in Danielle he has never seen in an athlete he’s coached. “Every technical detail I give she’s able to put it into her very next jump. In my 9 years of coaching she’s the first athlete I’ve had that’s been able to do that,” Summers said.


Coach Summers has a lot of confidence in Danielle and for good reason. “Danielle is the best girls returning pole vaulter this season which is amazing with two more years left. I believe she can win the city title, conference title, districts, and even sectionals this season,” said Summers.


Be on the lookout for some great performances this season from Danielle Tyler as she looks to become the most recent member of the all-state athletes here at Truman and set a new standard for other members of our track and field team.

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