Preparing for the Latino Dance


On Mar. 9 Truman High School will host their annual Latino Dance. The Spanish Club first began the dance in 2015, and every year since, the Truman ESL students are surprised by the amount of people who attend as the popularity of the dance grows. The opinions about previous dances have been mostly positive; Mrs. Cuquita Evans said that the thing she liked the most about the Dance, was the fact that people actually danced, and the environment was more relaxed. She also said that one of the main reasons why people liked the dance, was because of the great food they sold.


For students who want to attend the Latino Dance but feel a little lost on the dance floor the Spanish Club is here to help. On Feb. 27, Mar. 1 and 6, the Spanish Club is giving free dance lessons in the band room after school. That should be plenty of time to learn a few moves. Students who cannot stay after school can still get help at the dance itself.


Both Hispanic and non-Hispanic students shared their opinions about the dance. Luis Chalas described it as “a lot of fun” and “very crowded”, he also said that he is definitely going this year again.


Also, students that did not assist to last year’s dance, are planning on going this year. Gabriel Ramirez that his expectations for the Latino Dance are great food and music. I think we shouldn’t worry about that, because something that Latino culture does have, is rhythm and tastiness.


The Latino Dance is being organized this year to provide students with an event with a pleasant atmosphere, good music and delicious food, as it has been in previous years.

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