Being A Senior: The Best Worst Time of Life


Being a senior in high school holds three of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. You are on the way to attending perhaps your first prom, you are turning 18 if you aren’t already, and most importantly you are about to graduate. By default the year is yours to conquer, and  enjoy andven more to look forward to for those of us that are interested in furthering our education rather that’s a community college or university. And even if you’re not, most likely you are just excited to be done and to be perceived as a young adult.

The part that you are not made aware of though is the hidden responsibilities that come with this exciting time.This sounds simple when I say this but I want you really to consider the type of responsibilities you’re about to take on as a senior or young adult.

First off, if you haven’t already you need to make sure you are making your own money, hopefully even saving while things are in your favor, having a job that you are maintaining. Reason being, is that your senior year may be your most expensive. We are not even talking about preparing for college yet. I’m simply talking about the expenses of  things such as graduating, you know cap and gown, and all those other fancy things you may want to see on your day.

Prior to this you have another very anticipated day called Prom. Men, you want to be the cleanest dressed, and pulling up in the cleanest car rather its a rental or if you’re fortunate maybe it’s yours. Either way it’s not going to be cheap. Ladies, you want the hair done, nails done, and that dream dress that you have been eyeing for the last six months. Not to mention all the other miscellaneous things you want in order to put that pretty little smile on your face.

Hopefully you don’t have a birthday in the midst of this, because we know how much we love our 18th birthday. This is going to be the biggest birthday of your life because now the whole world recognizes you, no more parent/guardian permission . This is the birthday that you are telling mom and dad that you’re not a baby any more, and this is the day they are realizing that they are really old as they have tried to deny. With all of this being said it’s only right you do what you want to do for this special day. Another day full of fun and finances.

While you’re planning your fun and festivities, I hope you are preparing for the reality after this. Furthering your education is a ideal plan for a good percentage of high school seniors. WIth this comes deadlines for applications, scholarships,financial aid etc. At this point  you are preparing to spend even more money preparing  to go to school, something you’re not used to at all seeing as that education has always been free up until this point.

What’s funny about all of this is that I haven’t even mentioned maintaining your grades. I mean because what’s all this prepping for if you don’t even pass your classes? Some may be more fortunate than others when it comes to getting by, depending on the class or teacher. For others, it may be just as tortuous as the last three years. These are all the things to truly look forward to the most anticipated time of your life thus far. So make the best out of you senior year. The best, worst time of your life thus far.

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