Truman Girls Build On Their Success


The Truman girls’ varsity basketball team is playing a pretty good so far this season with a record of 10-4, blowing by teams with ease. They beat teams like Winnetonka (95-15)  and De Soto (75-51) by wide margins. They really haven’t had much competition playing against other schools as you can see when they only  lost four games.

They did fall to North Kansas City 63-56  which wasn’t a bad loss because that program features plenty of history. Their worst loss so far this season was 58-45 against Mill Valley. And after a hard fought game the Pats unfortunately fell to their rivals William Chrisman 45-44 on a game winning shot. It was tough for the team, after leading the whole game they lost many key players to foul trouble down the stretch.

This season is a lot different from last year when the Patriots featured a star player in Keirra Collier who left for Washington at semester . This team compared to last year is looking different. Their record with Collier was 13-5 last year, and right now this year they are 10-4. It’s a lot different for the team when they don’t have a star player leading them to success. They are a pretty good team with shooting behind the arc which helps them win games. But they are still adjusting to not having someone create openings for them but creating their own opening to score or having someone like Collier take over a game and help them to victory.


This team is still in a good place without Collier, but they have some things to work on to like holding on to leads which is one of the hardest things to do any sport. A lot of teams relax once they pile up a big margin because they feel it’s impossible for them to lose. But we see comebacks happen time and time again. For instance the Atlanta Falcons in last year’s Super Bowl led 28-3 at halftime. However they underestimated the Patriots ability to claw back into the game, and they allowed the biggest comeback in Superbowl history. That is what makes a team good or great. Hopefully the Patriots can bounce back from their previous loss and continue the rest of their season and make it great.

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