Should We Re-think Prom Requirements?


One of the most exciting parts of high school experience is Senior Prom. It’s one of the moments you want to make the best, regardless of what the costs may be. Much of the senior class was very shocked when they learned the requirements for prom last week.

First of all, tickets are 55 dollars but for most, the price is disregarded because it is worth it. What got most students was that they have to have at least 90 percent attendance to attend. Not at the fact that there was a attendance requirement, but the fact that you have to pay and its still have such high prerequisite is crazy.

Now the attendance thing is nothing new, it may even be something that has been told to students since freshman year, the attendance requirement is the same for every dance. The only reason to think of as to why they fret over it is because it is prom and everyone wants to go Prom, especially if you can only go once. There is value in the rule the administration is enforcing and that is to make sure that students, especially seniors, are making it to school.

It’s a very controversial subject on rather or not there should be both a attendance requirement and a expensive ticket. Senior Jalen Robins shares his opinion  on the topic.

”I get that they don’t want people to get senioritis, but I feel like they are doing too much especially since I know the prom tickets aren’t going to be cheap.”

With that being said, what could be an alternative prerequisite to going to prom? It could maybe even be attendance still, but just a lower percentage than 90. Maybe not more than 2 F’s or a certain GPA.

I mean think about it why not judge it off the fact that I have done fairly good  in school, rather than if I have been here? Because if you think about it I can be here 90% of the time and not do my part as far as my grades. This now presents the question is attendance more important than grades to the administration? If so then why? Is it the fact that schools are paid based off of attendance?

If it’s not more important than should there really be a attendance prerequisite rather than a grade.

If it was up to you what would the prerequisites be that would still maintain the principle of productivity and student efficiency? Should there be a prerequisite at all?

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