Chiefs Continue To Slide


The Kansas City Chiefs have went from being the top team in the NFL with a record of 5-0 to a mediocre 6-5. The Chiefs lost five out of their last six games in the past weeks losing to teams they were favored to beat like the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. These losses seem odd when you consider they beat the best teams in the league like the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots to start the season.

Even with losses to the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills who have struggled through the year the Chiefs are still the leaders of their division being 6-5, which really doesn’t matter because how terrible their division is this year. They cannot afford losing many other games with the Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Raiders right on their tail.   

What the Chiefs really have been struggling with is their offense because it hasn’t been converting.

In their last three losing games the offense has not scored 20 points. When the offense puts more than 20 points up they typically result in winning the game, and to have a series of games where they score less than 20 it just makes matters worse. Without the Chiefs offense converting and scoring the team won’t go anywhere.

The Chiefs defense isn’t as good as it was a couple years ago. With many of their key important defensive players out like Tamba Hali and Dee Ford their defense has struggled and usually depends on the offense to score and keep them in the game. Really both the Chiefs offense and defense can pick it up but if the offense doesn’t turn their season around to how they began the season with 5-0, there is really no hope of them beating the best teams in the leagues and going to the Superbowl. 

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