Another Successful Market Day


Truman High School held their annual Market Day on Thurs., Nov. 30. For those of you who are unaware, Market Day is the one day a year that the students may bring in food that they will then sell to other students in attempt to make a profit. 

The object of Market Day is to teach students about having a “business” and how to make it successful. Having a large student body is a great way for Truman YE students to experience the free market and how little things like location and price can have a major affect on the outcome.

“My group had a big issue of location,” junior Kyler Barnett said. “Market Day emphasized that just like real estate, location is everything and our location maybe wasn’t ideal for the product that we sold.”

Barnett would also like to share that he took this issue to mind and will remember that when it comes to future business. He will need to spend the extra to get the best location to maximize profit.

Barnett’s group was only one of many, and they sold chicken wings. The halls were filled with many other items such as pizza, cupcakes, doughnuts, frozen lemonade, fried chicken, panda express, hot wings, and nachos.

Everyone loves market day for the good food and to have something different other than the lunch food. Senior Karleigh Burnett purchased Chinese food for six dollars.

“Market Day provides an opportunity for students to have better food and not just the cafeteria food,” Burnett said.

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