Truman Hoops Preview


Sat. Nov. 18 will signify the start of another great basketball season for Truman’s varsity hoops team. It will be a good game for our team with Head Coach Rod Briggs going into his second year at Truman High school.  This year at Truman all the boys basketball teams basically except varsity have new coaches coaching their teams this year which will be challenging at times for the coaches  getting used to their players and the players getting used to their coaching styles.

With last year’s season not really ending well for varsity with only winning four games, it was still a great experience for Coach Briggs and the players. They know what to expect out of one another. This year they have a decent amount of underclassmen playing up like sophomore Cameron Robins, a point guard who also played varsity last year as a freshman.

“Last year’s season was a great experience for me to grow this year I feel like will have a better record this year,” Robins said.

With a lot of new players this year it will be interesting to see how they work out. Most of the players from last year’s varsity have graduated. Basically, a lot of the junior varsity players from last year have moved up to varsity this year to show what they can do.

This team reminds me of the Cleveland Cavaliers roster  because this year they have 15 players and eight of them are new they’re all getting to know each other as players it takes time build chemistry between teammates. The Cavaliers record 8-7 right now but it still early in the season and the players are still trying to get to each other play style.

This is how I feel Truman will be trying to build their team chemistry with all different new players. “These boys work real hard everyday in practice and I feel like we have a very successful bunch of players here all really wanting to play.” Coach Briggs said. Hopefully this the boys win more games and have a more successful season everyone cheer them on varsity this weekend against Raytown South.

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