Truman Soccer Continues to Succeed


Truman soccer just passed the mid-way point of the regular season this week, and Tovar’s boys are showing signs of dominance. Head Coach Manny Tovar has the team looking primed for a successful stretch run.

Truman is turning formerly competitive games into complete blow-outs. They smashed their rivals from Chrisman (4-1) and blanked Liberty North (3-0) . Currently the squad sits at 8-3 with their only losses coming to Grain Valley, Van Horn, and Park Hill South.

”I feel like this season we have done nothing but grind and work our butts off to be where we are and to be dominating games over other teams. That’s why I think we win by so many more points or we lose by little because of how hard and good we are,” said goalie  Jaxon Kalig.”

Their freewheeling scoring front line is reminiscent of the famous Barcelona M-S-N front on an obviously smaller scale. When they were together Lionel Messi , Luis Suarez and Neymar formed as formidable a scoring trio as anyone in the world. They brought home every piece of hardware possible including La Liga titles and the Champions League. And while their run was eventually halted they proved to be very difficult to handle even in moments when they couldn’t perform their best.

Luckily for Truman there’s no PSG waiting in the wings to offer a crazy fee to one of their best players. So the Pats who have been great season so far this season still have time to make it even better. 

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