Totality Throughout Truman

The third day of school was a first for almost everyone at Truman high school. It was Monday, August 25, the day of the total solar eclipse, the first one in Missouri since 1869. As students entered their sixth hour classes, they were handed a set of what looked like the old 3-D glasses that the movie theaters would have but they weren’t. Thanks to Dr. Pam Boatright, every student, staff and faculty member were given Eclipse Glasses so that Truman as a whole could take the time to observe something great.

THS Eclipse 2017

With his drone, Jones grabbed a picture of every student standing on the field as they joined in to watch what could be a once in a lifetime event.

Students filed onto the field and crickets began to chirp, the day grew dark and all around everyone took off their glasses and screamed as totality began to fill the sky. What felt like hours was only about  two minutes that everything around was dark but it was just enough time for Truman Math teacher, Brad Jones, to snap a few pictures.

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