What is Apple Red?


Apple’s ProductRED   brand released its first ever iPhone. The media seemed to grab the attention of the new iPhone colors in the past but this time it’s a bit different. The new iPhone color has been almost demanded throughout the entire ProductRED legacy. (RED) for those who don’t know is apple’s special edition and by purchasing them the company donates to support HIV and AIDS program. This is a very good program which is most likely why Apple and nine other companies  including Bank Of America, Sales Force, Telcel Claro, Starbucks, SAP, Cocacola, Belvedere vodka and GAP participate. It’s as simple as that. Be (RED). Start the end of AIDS now.

AIDS has killed more than 35 million people since its discovery in 1981. More than 37 million people are living with HIV, and mothers continue to pass the virus in startling numbers to their children. In 2005, more than 1,200 babies were born every day with HIV. Today that number is 400. We must act now to get that close to zero. (RED) can’t accomplish this alone. The ProductRED website, Red.org, has successfully made over $465 million and is used to finance HIV/AIDS grants in Ghana, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia, impacting the lives of over 90 million people. A portion of each grant will go towards helping HIV positive mothers and their unborns. Since HIV can be passed on from mother to child during the pregnancy, delivery, and the process of breastfeeding, the World Health Organization guidelines recommend that HIV-positive pregnant mothers should go on a triple-drug regimen of antiretroviral medication (ARVs).

ARVs work to keep HIV from growing and multiplying within the human body. With access to ARVs, people living with HIV can not only lead healthy and productive lives, but they can pass on healthy lives to their unborn children. Mothers who adhere to this regimen can reduce the risk of transmission of HIV to their babies to less than five percent. Organizations like (RED) have allowed these prevention guidelines to evolve over the years by giving scientist the ability to gain more information about the virus so they can effectively reduce the reduce the risk of transmission while also working to minimize drug resistance for our most effective treatment tools.

If you would like to be a part of this program you could just simply buy red product or if you can’t or don’t want to buy or maybe you want to make a big donation you can visit red.org. As (RED) 100% of your donation goes to work on the patient.

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